Late Summer's Blog

Embrace the Accidents


I’m Tessy, which I have just discovered recently means “late summer.” My age is 7 and 10 which is also known as 17. I’m still trying to find my true place in this big, fascinating world. I’m still not sure where I belong, but we all have our roads to discovering who we really are. And like many other bloggers out there my road has led me here. I have three passions in this world, one of course being writing. My other two passions are music and horses. I wish to be a journalist someday and maybe even an author. But honestly, I’m still very confused about writing as a profession. I love it, but most seem to think it will not suit me. So, this blog for the moment is one big experiment in my life to see if I can really be inspired enough to be a passionate writer. And who knows maybe it will end up becoming so much more to me. All I can say is time will tell, but for now it’s a detour on that road to discovering who I truly am and now whoever reads this blog will be the people I encounter on this road and will all be helping me solve this big puzzle called “life.”


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Congrats Tessy

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