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Fame or Lame?

The need for fame in this world is very heady these days. Almost everyone wants to be famous and will do almost anything to get there. The problem with that is most of the wannabes are talentless. These people range from the contestants starring on reality television shows to the ones on the internet creating ridiculous YouTube videos.

One of the more recent YouTubers to come to stardom is Jonathan Mann. Mann has been writing a song a day for 582 days. He recently wrote a song that was used in an iPhone 4 conference. It has become a major hit and has set the record for his fame. Most of his songs are quite silly and pointless, yet he is well-known in the United States.

Another person to become renowned was Jade Goody. Jade was featured on Big Brother UK. She was melodramatic and threw many childlike tantrums. She was cared for throughout the house, but they often lost their patience with her. She had a split public opinion. Goody struck fame after her eviction though. She fronted her own television shows and reappeared on Big Brother season five. She was quite famous until her death in 2009.

There is also the famous couple from the television show Survivor, Amber and Rob Mariano. The couple had a “showmance” on the reality show. At the end the couple were in the final two. Just before the results were revealed Rob proposed to Amber. She said yes and won the show on a four to three vote. Afterwards, the couple hosted their own television show in which they planned and held their wedding. The show was a big hit in the United States. Finally, they appeared on the show Amazing Race and won. The couple are well-known throughout the States and still appear on news casts frequently.

All of these people are attention seekers. They’re doing whatever they have to do to become famous and there are many more like them out in the world. So, why do the media choose these certain ones to enter into fame? And why are so many talentless people being chosen for these roles? Surely society doesn’t look up to these people. The obvious reason is for the money. People actually become interested in seeing the next stupid thing these people will come up with. And maybe the public is starting to become oblivious to how little talent these people hold. No matter the reason though, many more inadequate people will come to stardom.


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