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Addictive Lifestyle; Keep It or Leave It?

Technology has always been a major piece of modern society. There’s always a new cell phone, computer, or mp3 player on the market. We use these daily because they tend to be resourceful, but how are they affecting peoples’ daily lives?

Your cell phone rings and you quickly pull it out of your pocket. A few years ago you would have been expecting a call or a text message. But if this scenario occurs today you are automatically thinking, oh that must be a Facebook update! And there’s nothing wrong with that occasionally, but since cell phones have been adapted to society’s needs we have become addicted to them. It’s almost as bad a nicotine or cocaine addiction. You get sucked in and need to have your phone out 24/7.

Not only does this affect your daily life, but it also affects others around you. You’re probably asking how this is so, as it is your phone and your life. Well, if you’re walking on a side walk, and your face is glued to your phone screen, you’re not paying attention to what you are doing. You could easily walk into someone and potentially slow them down or hurt them. You could also walk into oncoming traffic. Some people don’t have time to stop for pedestrians who aren’t paying attention. So, you could easily put yourself in harm’s way while also putting the people driving at risk.

It is also rude to have your phone out constantly. It gets to the point where you become oblivious to your surroundings. You don’t pay attention when people are speaking to you. So, you are always asking people to repeat what they have already said a dozen times. And even then, you probably didn’t understand the true meaning of what they said. Everything passes you by as if it never existed. So, by being rude, you are not only treating others without respect, you are also cheating yourself.

Granted this addiction could happen with any kind of technology, it most often happens with cell phones. People don’t realize how fixating they can become. It just becomes worse by the day until their whole life is based around a mobile phone. What kind of life is that? You never enjoy the natural world. You give up all the fantastic things you used to do to aim all your focus on a screen that would still be there after you finish your activity. You miss out completely. On that note, why not challenge yourself for a week? Limit yourself to only calls and texts on your phones. See how you enjoy life and everything it bears. If you find you like it better the other way you can always go back to your boring, rude, and addictive lifestyle.


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  literaryliason wrote @

This is so true. I have a smart phone, but it doesn’t mean I need to check it constantly. I have a rule: no cell phones during dinner or you pay for dinner, and if you start texting while I’m talking, I’ll ask you to put the phone away or leave. It’s like trying to carry on a conversation with two people at once; it’s rude to the person you agreed to spend time with. I refuse to repeat myself if texters aren’t listening. People need to let tech evolve without digressing their mannerisms. You know what I mean.

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