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Any Less You

The sky is not blue, it is a total fake. Do you know why this is? It is because the sky does not always show its true color of blue. How many people believe this to be true? Probably not very many hold this belief. Well then, why do people judge others by what they don’t show all the time?

In the recent news, a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, Kenda Dean claims most teenage Christians are “mutant” Christians. She says because most teenagers don’t hold an immense passion for God, they are not true Christians. Perhaps when she was conducting her study she didn’t take in the fact that some Christians choose to be silent in their faith. And what of the Christians who haven’t developed enough to feel comfortable talking about their faith? Does this make these people counterfeit Christians?

Let’s apply the same scenario to political parties. Many people have split opinions on politics. That’s why there is a split voting card in democratic countries. You can be a republican and still vote partially democrat, or vice versa. So, these people don’t show their true status constantly. Does this make them any less of what they are?

And what of the drug addicts in the world? I suppose people would say they aren’t addicted when they aren’t doing drugs. Just because they aren’t using the substance at that time doesn’t make them any less dependent on it. They’re still themselves and will start using again the second they feel the urge to.

The practice of judging by what is not shown all the time can be exercised with any group. You will almost always get the wrong results though. Just because someone doesn’t show who they truly are every moment of their life doesn’t mean that they’re not that person. So, why judge them on what they don’t show, rather than what they do show? If we all stop and examine ourselves we will probably see things about ourselves that we don’t reveal. But does that make you any less you?


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