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James- The Night Before

James, an English rock band, formed in 1982. They have skyrocketed the music charts with hits such as Sit Down and Laid. They dominated the 90s with their catchy melodies. The group split in 2001, but reformed in 2007.

Now, in April 2010, James has released the mini album, The Night Before. Its sure-to-catch-your-attention opener, It’s Hot, hooks you immediately. With lyrics such as, A floating kiss/ life loves to exist/ ourselves create a dreamy bliss, are sure to reel you in. The striking beat along with Tim Booth’s vocals place you into a dreamy bliss, preparing you for the remaining pieces.

The dance-along rhythm of the follow up, Crazy, will never make you regret listening on. When you are feeling down this is the perfect song to pep you up with lines like, I can look so strong/ and feel so insecure/ No, I’m not crazy/ I’m just laughing at myself. This leads into the the swaying melody of Ten Below. This song instills a feeling of loneliness as it speaks about a child being away from home, at school. The child wonders where the holidays are. He says there is a hole where the heart belongs. The lyrics along with the beat cause you to almost feel sorry for the child. With the feeling of loneliness impressed on your heart, James enters with a song, like Porcupine, that makes you think about your life. This song forces you to realize that it is not always important to be on the defense. Sometimes you must “leave your things by the door” and surrender to life. You must get hurt to learn things, therefore you cannot always be like a porcupine.

After the last two thinkers, you get Shine, a drunken stupor combined with a persecution of the rich. The song speaks about the fact that your “songs outlive your story.” Meaning no matter what you have on this earth, your actions are what linger. You have to dig deeper to find this meaning, but regular James fans will appreciate this song. With these thoughts in mind, you next receive Dr Hellier. This song is for the die-hard rock fans. It contains a strange comparison though. This song puts the War on Terrorism and the healing of the body in juxtaposition. By the end of your first listen to this song you will more than likely be confused as to how the two subjects correlate.

The final song of the album, Hero, has a marvelous flow to it. It has lyrics that make you think about the entire song as a whole. But the meaning will not become clear until the end with the appearance of the lyrics, Another hero makes another villain/ Another right on makes another villain.

Even with the awe-inspiring ending, the album leaves you with a wanting. It does not seem complete without its counterpart, The Morning After, which is released in September. This album shows the wonders of James, but it is missing the more somber pieces that James is also notorious for. Overall, it is a good album, but is more of a whole when combined with its twin.