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Embrace the Accidents


Well, I’m back. I haven’t updated this blog since 2011. In fact, I said I’d never update it again. But I’ve had a big urge to blog – and I mean really blog. Not book reviews and not fictional writing. But about real life stuff. So, I’m opening my blog back up to do what I do best – write.

So, what is it that I’m writing about today? What is it that finally pushed me to do this? An ad. How many of you have seen those ads about those alert things that you wear around your neck in case you fall or something? I’ve seen more of them than I can count honestly. But the one I saw this morning just floored me. The one I saw this morning starred a woman who was clearly winded – she was huffing and was out of breath. She sat in a chair next to the alert machine and pressed the button. She then proceeded to tell the operator that she didn’t need any medical help, but asked them if they would call her neighbour Gladys. Completely normal, right? Well, not so much. As soon as the ad ended I thought to myself “but why couldn’t she just call Gladys herself? She was right next to the phone.” This made me wonder. How often do we miss the little things? We so often miss little details that could be so crucial. No, indeed, a phone sitting there in an ad isn’t very crucial to our well being. But if we can miss something so small like that, how many other small things do we miss on a daily basis? Just some food for thought. Maybe we should start paying more attention to our surroundings and the little details we so often take for granted.


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