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Recent Increase in Following

Hey everyone. I’ve noticed quite a large increase in my following of this blog. I haven’t posted on this one in a long time and I’ve been mulling over starting it back up. However, I’m still not sure when or if I even will. I want to thank everyone who has started following. I think it’s great and I appreciate it so much. If you’d still like to read my posts though, I’d love it if you’d follow my other blog Rendering a View HERE. I post almost daily on that blog and I’d love to have you all there.

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Super Bowl Ad Causes Backlash? How Sad.

I know I did a post on a Super Bowl ad yesterday, but after finally getting the news about the Coca Cola ad late last night, I knew I needed to do another post about ads today. Obviously I’ll be focusing on the Coca Cola Super Bowl ad that is sparking debates across America due to the song “America the Beautiful” being sung partially in other languages. The ad can be viewed in the video above.

I have to say first and foremost that I am so disappointed with the racist comments coming from so many Americans over this ad. And there certainly have been a lot of them. One that really floored me when I looked these comments up this morning was this one:

Coca Cola is the official soft drink of illegals crossing the border.

I’d like to go ahead and mention something that I’ve been thinking about since seeing this debate pop up over and over during the past few hours. Coca Cola isn’t solely in America. How many people knew that? How many people actually knew that and just didn’t bother to think it through before posting ignorant comments online? That’s right: you can buy Coca Cola in literally 200 countries today. And yeah, I know, that has nothing to do with the ad. But if you think about it, it kind of does. How many people in those 200 countries come to America or are planning to come to America every single day? I guarantee it’s quite a large number. What are they supposed to do after getting here – never drink another Coca Cola product again? That seems sort of cruel.

Okay, let me ask another question. Let’s say you’re American and your first language is English. But now you’re wanting to move to some other country. So you spend time learning the native language of that country because that’s typically what a person does when moving to another country that has a different primary language. When you get to said country do you just stop speaking English entirely? Are you really saying that you’re never going to speak English again? Yeah, I’m betting you feel a little silly upon me mentioning that one huh? Why? Because no, you’re not going to stop speaking English entirely. You’re never going to forget your mother tongue. In fact, you’re probably even still going to make thoughts in your mother tongue and just translate it when you actually speak it. Do you really think immigrants coming here to America are going to stop speaking and thinking in their mother tongue?

So really, I have to ask, what was so horrible about Coca Cola making an ad of people singing “America the Beautiful” in different languages? There’s a reason we let so many immigrants come here you know. It’s because we want everyone to feel equal no matter what or who they are. Are we really being that welcoming by posting crude comments like this online:

“America being overridden by multiple cultures and languages will divide and weaken us, not make us stronger. #SpeakEnglish #SpeakAmerican.”

So much for the country that was founded by immigrants huh? Again, I feel utterly disappointed in the Americans that have been doing this. Because let’s be honest: is it really all that American to treat the immigrants that are coming and trying to come here this way?

On a side note: did anyone happen to catch that the majority of the M&M’s ad wasn’t in English either? Nope – didn’t think so. I haven’t seen a backlash about that ad with people saying they’re switching to some other sort of candy. And personally I hope I don’t see a backlash over an ad like this ever again. Makes me pretty sad.


Unlikely Friends

Everyone seems to be going on about the Superbowl this morning. I can’t even go on Facebook without seeing something about it in nearly every other post. I’ve personally never been a fan of football. But I do rather like the ads. Most especially the Budweiser one of this year. I absolutely love how it was almost like a continuation of the Budweiser Clydesdale ad of 2013.

But you know, the more I watch this ad, the more it dumbfounds me. I’ve been around horses for a good portion of my life now. And I’ve been around a lot of horses and dogs together. And I’ll tell you, for those of you that don’t know, horses and dogs don’t typically get along too well. The dogs bark at the horses as if the horses aren’t twice their size and the horses just try to trample the dogs. So, I’m kind of impressed that Budweiser made unlikely friends out of the little pup and the horse in this ad.

And in thinking about unlikely friends, I got to thinking about all the unlikely friends I’ve made over the years. I’ve made friends with people who are such opposites to me that I would never have guessed we’d be such good friends. It just goes to show you that you can’t judge a book by its cover. We can’t see people by who they are and just assume they aren’t great people. Because when we do that, we ultimately lose out on life. We never meet the great people or experience the great things. So, I say, let’s be more like the puppy and the horse.

Take That…


Okay, so I’ve noticed more and more these days that people just can’t take a joke anymore. I mean, what happened to the days when you could make a passing joke about someone or something and everyone would laugh? You don’t always mean what you say – sometimes it’s meant to be funny. Just.. STOP. BEING. SO. SERIOUS. I can’t even count the number of times that I’ve scrolled through comments on things on the internet and people go “My god – that was seriously rude” or something equally as serious. And I know, I know. Not everyone has the same sense of humour. But we have to at least consider that the other person might be making a joke right? I don’t mean go out and blatantly make fun of people in a cruel way. It just seems to me that so many people are taking life way too seriously and not having much fun anymore.

I read the other day on a website that the average human needs at least 7 hugs a day to balance out the nervous system. But what good is a hug going to do when we don’t even laugh anymore? Isn’t laughter supposed to be a cure of some sort? We spend our days looking like wounded animals because someone said something that could possibly be considered rude if taken out of context. And the bad thing? Most of the time what they’re saying isn’t even something that could be considered slightly rude or wrong. It’s just something they said that could piss someone off. Are we supposed to walk on egg shells from here on out because people have become so sensitive? I don’t think so. I know I certainly won’t be. I can certainly laugh at myself or something about people like me. Doesn’t bother me one bit. We should open up every once in a while and let the laughter in. Take some time to make fun of ourselves along with others just for the simple fun in it. We all look funny from time to time; we all do stupid things. No one is perfect. So why not use it as a subject to have fun with? You don’t have to be serious 24/7. Let’s loosen up in this new year. Let’s just have some good old fashion fun.


Well, I’m back. I haven’t updated this blog since 2011. In fact, I said I’d never update it again. But I’ve had a big urge to blog – and I mean really blog. Not book reviews and not fictional writing. But about real life stuff. So, I’m opening my blog back up to do what I do best – write.

So, what is it that I’m writing about today? What is it that finally pushed me to do this? An ad. How many of you have seen those ads about those alert things that you wear around your neck in case you fall or something? I’ve seen more of them than I can count honestly. But the one I saw this morning just floored me. The one I saw this morning starred a woman who was clearly winded – she was huffing and was out of breath. She sat in a chair next to the alert machine and pressed the button. She then proceeded to tell the operator that she didn’t need any medical help, but asked them if they would call her neighbour Gladys. Completely normal, right? Well, not so much. As soon as the ad ended I thought to myself “but why couldn’t she just call Gladys herself? She was right next to the phone.” This made me wonder. How often do we miss the little things? We so often miss little details that could be so crucial. No, indeed, a phone sitting there in an ad isn’t very crucial to our well being. But if we can miss something so small like that, how many other small things do we miss on a daily basis? Just some food for thought. Maybe we should start paying more attention to our surroundings and the little details we so often take for granted.

James- The Night Before

James, an English rock band, formed in 1982. They have skyrocketed the music charts with hits such as Sit Down and Laid. They dominated the 90s with their catchy melodies. The group split in 2001, but reformed in 2007.

Now, in April 2010, James has released the mini album, The Night Before. Its sure-to-catch-your-attention opener, It’s Hot, hooks you immediately. With lyrics such as, A floating kiss/ life loves to exist/ ourselves create a dreamy bliss, are sure to reel you in. The striking beat along with Tim Booth’s vocals place you into a dreamy bliss, preparing you for the remaining pieces.

The dance-along rhythm of the follow up, Crazy, will never make you regret listening on. When you are feeling down this is the perfect song to pep you up with lines like, I can look so strong/ and feel so insecure/ No, I’m not crazy/ I’m just laughing at myself. This leads into the the swaying melody of Ten Below. This song instills a feeling of loneliness as it speaks about a child being away from home, at school. The child wonders where the holidays are. He says there is a hole where the heart belongs. The lyrics along with the beat cause you to almost feel sorry for the child. With the feeling of loneliness impressed on your heart, James enters with a song, like Porcupine, that makes you think about your life. This song forces you to realize that it is not always important to be on the defense. Sometimes you must “leave your things by the door” and surrender to life. You must get hurt to learn things, therefore you cannot always be like a porcupine.

After the last two thinkers, you get Shine, a drunken stupor combined with a persecution of the rich. The song speaks about the fact that your “songs outlive your story.” Meaning no matter what you have on this earth, your actions are what linger. You have to dig deeper to find this meaning, but regular James fans will appreciate this song. With these thoughts in mind, you next receive Dr Hellier. This song is for the die-hard rock fans. It contains a strange comparison though. This song puts the War on Terrorism and the healing of the body in juxtaposition. By the end of your first listen to this song you will more than likely be confused as to how the two subjects correlate.

The final song of the album, Hero, has a marvelous flow to it. It has lyrics that make you think about the entire song as a whole. But the meaning will not become clear until the end with the appearance of the lyrics, Another hero makes another villain/ Another right on makes another villain.

Even with the awe-inspiring ending, the album leaves you with a wanting. It does not seem complete without its counterpart, The Morning After, which is released in September. This album shows the wonders of James, but it is missing the more somber pieces that James is also notorious for. Overall, it is a good album, but is more of a whole when combined with its twin.

Any Less You

The sky is not blue, it is a total fake. Do you know why this is? It is because the sky does not always show its true color of blue. How many people believe this to be true? Probably not very many hold this belief. Well then, why do people judge others by what they don’t show all the time?

In the recent news, a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, Kenda Dean claims most teenage Christians are “mutant” Christians. She says because most teenagers don’t hold an immense passion for God, they are not true Christians. Perhaps when she was conducting her study she didn’t take in the fact that some Christians choose to be silent in their faith. And what of the Christians who haven’t developed enough to feel comfortable talking about their faith? Does this make these people counterfeit Christians?

Let’s apply the same scenario to political parties. Many people have split opinions on politics. That’s why there is a split voting card in democratic countries. You can be a republican and still vote partially democrat, or vice versa. So, these people don’t show their true status constantly. Does this make them any less of what they are?

And what of the drug addicts in the world? I suppose people would say they aren’t addicted when they aren’t doing drugs. Just because they aren’t using the substance at that time doesn’t make them any less dependent on it. They’re still themselves and will start using again the second they feel the urge to.

The practice of judging by what is not shown all the time can be exercised with any group. You will almost always get the wrong results though. Just because someone doesn’t show who they truly are every moment of their life doesn’t mean that they’re not that person. So, why judge them on what they don’t show, rather than what they do show? If we all stop and examine ourselves we will probably see things about ourselves that we don’t reveal. But does that make you any less you?