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Embrace the Accidents


As you may have read in my “About” section, this blog is an experiment. Let me elaborate for you. I recently found out that I don’t have everything in my life figured out. I thought I did, but I don’t.

I thought at one point that I wanted to be a doctor. Then, I realized that would not suit me at all because I easily freak out in emergencies. I would end up passing out and something bad would happen to my patients. So, I thought about careers that would suit me for about two years. The options that came to mind at first were musician and lawyer.

Well, musician was really out of the question because… well think about it. How many people in this world wish to become musicians? That would be almost the same as me saying that I’m going to be President of the United States someday. It’s just a fanciful dream.

So, I moved on to the next option, which was lawyer. I contemplated that career and found that it would suit me quite well because I can put up a great argument when need be. Well, little did I know that you can’t really be a good lawyer without lying. Now that was when I realized that that profession didn’t suit me either because I am just naturally an honest person. I have a hard time lying because I have a conscience that would bother me 24/7 if i lied.

So, I continued to contemplate what I’d do with my life. Well, one day I was going through some things I’d done in school as a young child. As I was doing this I ran across a paper that I had written about a week after the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. I was in third grade then. My grammar was quite horrid and the paper wasn’t really written eloquently, but there was definitely potential there. I sat on the floor rereading that paper over and over again, realizing little by little how much hard work and passion was put into that paper. That’s when it dawned on me. I’ve always loved writing. I’m a writer at heart and that’s how I’ve always expressed myself. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t write. So, the choice became clear. I was going to become a writer.

When I relayed the decision to my family they seemed to support me. But little by little it has come to my attention that things were not what they appeared to be. Some people do not support me like I thought they did. They think a career in writing will not suit me at all.

So, a friend of mine has given me the idea to do this blog to see if I can be a passionate writer everyday and at the end I will appreciate the life of a journalist. I cannot say as of now whether the career suits me or not, but this experiment will help me find out. So, I’m really not sure that I can say my blog has a true topic…I will pick a topic daily and put my entire being into writing about it and see where the whole experiment takes me on my journey.


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