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Another Puzzle Piece

A few months ago I came to a very important decision in my life. I decided that journalism just wasn’t the path for me. I had to find a new career. I slowly, but surely came to realize that I am not a person who can only write facts. Nor can I make them sound interesting. I had a hard time admitting this to myself, but I realized little by little that it was true.

It all started about three weeks after I started my experimental blog. I was getting seriously tired of writing and began making excuses to not write. I’d always have too much homework or have to work too many hours. No matter the excuse though, I always promised myself that I’d start writing again soon. But the promises were to no avail.

After about two months of not writing, one of my friends asked me why I hadn’t written. Of course I made an excuse about not having time to write. He began giving me some much needed advice, but it made me fairly upset because I didn’t want to admit that my future career wasn’t fit for me. The next day everything he told me settled in and I had a revelation.

I finally admitted that journalism was not for me at all. But that left me bereft and not knowing. I had no clue where to go from there. I was out of my most aspired career and felt like I was in a downward spiral. I told my family about it and they told me that I was just a quitter and would never make it at anything. That made me all the more upset. That night I started talking to that same exact friend and told him my dilemma. He stayed up half the night with me trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. We finally came to a decision late that night.

So, now I conclude my experiment by saying that I have chosen to become an editor. But that may not be permanent. I think I’ve learned something about myself throughout this experiment. Maybe I’m not the type of person that is supposed to be stable and steady. With the way that I like to keep busy and keep my life changing, maybe I’m supposed to have many skills and many jobs. I’ve started to like that idea lately. So, I’m one step closer to solving this puzzle called life.


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