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Addictive Lifestyle; Keep It or Leave It?

Technology has always been a major piece of modern society. There’s always a new cell phone, computer, or mp3 player on the market. We use these daily because they tend to be resourceful, but how are they affecting peoples’ daily lives?

Your cell phone rings and you quickly pull it out of your pocket. A few years ago you would have been expecting a call or a text message. But if this scenario occurs today you are automatically thinking, oh that must be a Facebook update! And there’s nothing wrong with that occasionally, but since cell phones have been adapted to society’s needs we have become addicted to them. It’s almost as bad a nicotine or cocaine addiction. You get sucked in and need to have your phone out 24/7.

Not only does this affect your daily life, but it also affects others around you. You’re probably asking how this is so, as it is your phone and your life. Well, if you’re walking on a side walk, and your face is glued to your phone screen, you’re not paying attention to what you are doing. You could easily walk into someone and potentially slow them down or hurt them. You could also walk into oncoming traffic. Some people don’t have time to stop for pedestrians who aren’t paying attention. So, you could easily put yourself in harm’s way while also putting the people driving at risk.

It is also rude to have your phone out constantly. It gets to the point where you become oblivious to your surroundings. You don’t pay attention when people are speaking to you. So, you are always asking people to repeat what they have already said a dozen times. And even then, you probably didn’t understand the true meaning of what they said. Everything passes you by as if it never existed. So, by being rude, you are not only treating others without respect, you are also cheating yourself.

Granted this addiction could happen with any kind of technology, it most often happens with cell phones. People don’t realize how fixating they can become. It just becomes worse by the day until their whole life is based around a mobile phone. What kind of life is that? You never enjoy the natural world. You give up all the fantastic things you used to do to aim all your focus on a screen that would still be there after you finish your activity. You miss out completely. On that note, why not challenge yourself for a week? Limit yourself to only calls and texts on your phones. See how you enjoy life and everything it bears. If you find you like it better the other way you can always go back to your boring, rude, and addictive lifestyle.


Fame or Lame?

The need for fame in this world is very heady these days. Almost everyone wants to be famous and will do almost anything to get there. The problem with that is most of the wannabes are talentless. These people range from the contestants starring on reality television shows to the ones on the internet creating ridiculous YouTube videos.

One of the more recent YouTubers to come to stardom is Jonathan Mann. Mann has been writing a song a day for 582 days. He recently wrote a song that was used in an iPhone 4 conference. It has become a major hit and has set the record for his fame. Most of his songs are quite silly and pointless, yet he is well-known in the United States.

Another person to become renowned was Jade Goody. Jade was featured on Big Brother UK. She was melodramatic and threw many childlike tantrums. She was cared for throughout the house, but they often lost their patience with her. She had a split public opinion. Goody struck fame after her eviction though. She fronted her own television shows and reappeared on Big Brother season five. She was quite famous until her death in 2009.

There is also the famous couple from the television show Survivor, Amber and Rob Mariano. The couple had a “showmance” on the reality show. At the end the couple were in the final two. Just before the results were revealed Rob proposed to Amber. She said yes and won the show on a four to three vote. Afterwards, the couple hosted their own television show in which they planned and held their wedding. The show was a big hit in the United States. Finally, they appeared on the show Amazing Race and won. The couple are well-known throughout the States and still appear on news casts frequently.

All of these people are attention seekers. They’re doing whatever they have to do to become famous and there are many more like them out in the world. So, why do the media choose these certain ones to enter into fame? And why are so many talentless people being chosen for these roles? Surely society doesn’t look up to these people. The obvious reason is for the money. People actually become interested in seeing the next stupid thing these people will come up with. And maybe the public is starting to become oblivious to how little talent these people hold. No matter the reason though, many more inadequate people will come to stardom.

A Lawyer’s Claim

When a criminal confesses to be guilty, why does the lawyer always say the jury needs to listen to the evidence? The person’s conscience has obviously started to kick in so, they break down and confess. They have committed the crime and yet the lawyer still claims them to be innocent.

This occurs in numerous court cases, but one that has caught the attention of many people recently is Shaquan Duley’s case. Duley is a resident of Orangeburg, South Carolina. According to her peers she is a kind and loving mother. But on Monday, August 16, 2010 she suffocated her two children just before placing them in their car seats and pushing the car into the Edisto River. Shaquan has confessed to being guilty of her crime and is now standing trial for her sentence.  But if she has confessed, and is taking her sentence willingly, why is her lawyer, Carl B. Grant, making claims that she is innocent?

Well, why does any lawyer make false claims? Most do it to make their case stronger so they have a greater chance of winning. If they win the case then that attracts more clients, which ultimately means more money for them. But this theory doesn’t make much sense with a client that has admitted that they committed the crime. Grant says that there is more to the story than what is being released to the public. He states that the public should “hold their horses” and wait to see all the evidence.

But really, what difference does it make what the evidence is? Shaquan confessed to her crime. So, how could Grant win the case? It seems rather pointless to continue with this claim if a culprit has come forth. Although some people, even after the confession has been made, fall back on the age-old saying “You are innocent until proven guilty.” Maybe this is what Grant has in mind for Shaquan’s case. Maybe he has this niggling feeling that if he falls back on that that he can still win the case.

So, that brings us back to the original question. Why do lawyers feel the need to tell the jury to listen to the evidence even after a confession? What good does it really do? I guess in some cases they may win, but statistics are against them. How many jurors are going to listen to a lawyer’s claim after a person convicted of a crime has capitulated? It doesn’t seem to make much sense, but maybe that is just one of those primitive instincts of a lawyer that will never change.

Dress Code Fiasco

Every single one of us has had to deal with a dress code at some point in our lives. It may have been at school or at work or even at church. It’s just a part of our daily lives. It’s a part of our culture and our ideals on propriety.  So, if dress codes are instituted to keep our ethics in order, why do some people feel they have the right to break the codes?

Some people, like Imane Boudial, a woman of Muslim background living in California, say it is a part of their belief and religion. Boudial is suing Disney Land for not permitting her to wear her hijab, also known as a head scarf, while working there. Two years ago she signed a contract saying she would abide by their dress codes. Imane has recently been granted citizenship in the United States and now some people have their own opinions as to why she is breaking the dress codes.

Some people think she is breaking the dress codes to get money. Now that she is a citizen of the United States she can legally sue her employers for not following the Constitution. Others have the opinion that maybe she’s doing this to get attention. Imane Boudial, on the other hand, says she is simply doing it because she has now worked up the courage to show who she truly is as a Muslim woman. But does this really give her the right to break the dress code that she agreed to follow?

In my opinion, no it doesn’t give her the right to break the codes. She willingly signed a document saying she would abide by certain rules and now she has broken them. Rules are established to keep things running smoothly. And if one thinks they can break one rule, why not break the rest of them. That would lead to pure chaos in this world.

If we allow people to break dress codes, for any reason, not just religion, it will just lead to other rules being broken. Then, eventually, rules will be almost pointless because we all, as humans, will find a way around them. That’s just out nature. We don’t like to abide by rules, but they are created to make our lives simpler. If we have a form to follow then there is much less confusion. So, if we start to break all the rules, what exactly will the world come to?

Obviously, we all know that eventually it will all come to complete madness, but how? Well, let’s break it down. We’ll start with one person breaking the dress code. If one person breaks the dress code, will that not lead others to believe that they can do the same? Okay, so we just let the dress codes go completely. What next? Maybe someone will get the fanciful idea that it’s alright to tell off their superior. Is that truly okay? Well, according to the theory we’re going on, it was alright to break the dress code. So, sure it’s all okay to sass off to your superior. Well, if this is okay, what happens if the people in government start doing this to their chieftain? Doesn’t that start the creation of bad government? And if we have a horrid government isn’t that the start of complete and utter chaos? So, you see, it didn’t take much to get from breaking the dress code to the end of the world.

Now, yes I know this scenario isn’t likely to occur, but many other alternatives could. They may take a bit longer to progress, but if we let little rules slip by, all the others will soon follow. That’s why it’s called the domino effect. So, where does it all end? Do we let it all go to entropy, or do we stop it all here and now with breaking the dress codes?


I’m Tessy, which I have just discovered recently means “late summer.” My age is 7 and 10 which is also known as 17. I’m still trying to find my true place in this big, fascinating world. I’m still not sure where I belong, but we all have our roads to discovering who we really are. And like many other bloggers out there my road has led me here. I have three passions in this world, one of course being writing. My other two passions are music and horses. I wish to be a journalist someday and maybe even an author. But honestly, I’m still very confused about writing as a profession. I love it, but most seem to think it will not suit me. So, this blog for the moment is one big experiment in my life to see if I can really be inspired enough to be a passionate writer. And who knows maybe it will end up becoming so much more to me. All I can say is time will tell, but for now it’s a detour on that road to discovering who I truly am and now whoever reads this blog will be the people I encounter on this road and will all be helping me solve this big puzzle called “life.”